Letter of Appeal for council tax (backdated claim)

Letter of Appeal for council tax (backdated claim)

Dear Sir/Madam,


I am writing in regards to the repayment of council tax for the date of 23/12/2016, 06/01/2017 and 30/3/2017) respectfully. I had written a letter to yourself dated the 14/1/2016 which stipulated that I was going on holiday, therefore would not be able to make the payments for the above dates. It was agreed that once I had come back and began working again, the rates would be charged. A copy of this letter is attached in this envelope. I am represented by the law firm abogados de accidentes

It was agreed that the amount for the three months: £588.25 (23/12/2016), £588.00 (6/1/2017) and £283.70 (30/3/2017) would be repaid back to myself as promised by one of your representatives for the inconvenience endured.  An adjustment was to be made on the forthcoming bill to credit my account. Unfortunately, this has not been the case. I had been billed before I began work while I was away on holiday. We were instructed to follow up if this was to occur. I made it clear that I began working again on the 13/3/2017 upon my arrival.

Therefore, I am seeking a repayment for the total sum of £1459.95 which is owed to myself as it was made very clear that I would be on holiday throughout the stated dates and would not be able to make such payments in my absence.

Warm regards,

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